let’s look at some Little Rock Arkansas art!

There are going to be some pictures from a couple exuberant places here in Little Rock Arkansas! The places that really shine! Of course I will use the art of language to guide you through the experience of this city! I will not sugar coat the experience… as always, I’m here as a servant of the truth. Thank you for sharing this experience with me,


concrete and rain.

I knew when I left my hotel room that there was a chance for a storm. The t.v. Was yelling the info. across the hotel room obnoxiously. The bad weather didn’t deter me, in fact I felt a small amount of comfort from the grey clouds.

when I left I didn’t really have a plan. I knew I wanted to see a garden. I did what I always do in a new city. I drive. I let a mysterious vibe take me to where I am supposed to go. I hit the highway and came upon a beautiful building as Mariah Carey sang, “you will always be my baby.” Out from my radio speakers.

I somehow did find a garden. I pulled up into a huge parking lot. I jumped out of my van and walked towards my goal. The flowers. Upon walking toward what seemed to be a moving piece of art, I saw A flag arguing with the angry winds.

I happened to find these structures at what was now obvious to me- A church.

The church was most definitely a beautiful site to see, but the entire city awaited me. I took in the beauty of the atmosphere and continued on my journey. I decided that instead of following my instinct, it would be more appropriate to ask my old friend google for help. I typed into the search bar, “garden in Little Rock.” What came up next was The Bernice Garden.

The first thing I noticed was a small food truck. There didn’t seem to be a lot of people. I was started to notice some diversity. I wanted to of course ignore the fact that poverty did in fact, seem to touch the area. After the food truck I noticed a boy leaning on the ground, near the entrance to the garden. I walked by and said with a sad heart, “Why you laying there on the ground?” The man saw me and mumbled to himself. There was an obvious need for mental health services in the homeless community. I could feel that deeply in this situation.

Below you will find pictures of the art that adorns the Bernice Garden in Little Rock Arkansas.

The last picture is of the most important thing I discovered in the garden. The need for human health care. In every form. When I was leaving I told the man as I walked away,

”You are the most artistic thing here.” I meant that he was art. In the moment he made me feel, which is the meaning of art. It’s meant to create emotions and thoughts. I did seem to find a flower in the Bernice Garden.

I continued on my journey for the day. I found myself at a place that drew me to it. Mostly I wanted to wander towards it because of the sheer size of it. What was this place? I jumped out of my car and a truck pulled up next to me. A man rolled the window down. “Hey girl, I’m looking at something beautiful here.”

“What is happening here, can I help you?”

The man responded that he wanted my phone number. The reason I am including this is because as a traveler the truth is, we must be safe and prepared. I want to include the men were as respectful as they could be in the situation. However, I did realize that it wouldn’t be the worst thing for me to be prepared for the day when I ran into people who were not so respectful. In a way, I feel as though these men were teaching me an important lesson. In the end that’s the way I took it, as a learning experience that happened to happen in the Little Rock National Cemetery.

Before I continue I want to say thank you. To every person who has served in our military. I support our military and can not begin to explain the pride I have for our country and the men and women who have built it. Suddenly, I felt a terrible sadness wash over me.

every stone was a life lost to violence.

They went as far as the eye could see. Graves stacked on graves. I couldn’t help but wonder how each one felt. What each one had seen and heard on there own journey. I wanted it to stop. The dying for wealth, oil, and weapons. As I said before, I respect our servicemen and women. I feel an extreme urge to ask the question? Who is protecting them?

Next up it was time to grab a snack and wrap up my day. I found a vibrant spot to kick back and enjoy the music,

The Hurts Donuts Company.

Seeing Little Rock reminded me of community. I saw a man by the window of the eccentric donut shop. I couldn’t help but to wish I were braver. Maybe that I had went over and said hello. Coming to a place like Little Rock, where the population is bold, you can’t help but to see the things that other communities seem to hide. The need for care on the streets. However, something else was highlighted today. It was art, and I will always be honest, Little Rock Arkansas was beautiful.

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