Cigarettes and our community.

At my latest job I watched in horror as the tobacco companies ravished my community. The situation seemed to effect more people than I had originally assumed. The first thing I noticed was that cigarettes do not discriminate. I also saw just how far people were willing to go to obtain the nicotine high that only the companies could supply.

I once saw a man come in and as he rest on the counter he breathed out heavily, “ I just walked four miles to get here, got to get my and the wife’s fix.”

He continued to ask me for four packs of cigarettes. I pull them down and scan them. I swipe his card and very uncomfortably say, “I’m sorry, It declined.”

He and I spent the next fifteen minutes trying to scan and pay for cigarettes until his card finally went through, giving him only one pack to take home. I could see he was deeply disturbed.

“My coworker told him, “Don’t worry we would have figured it out either way.”

In a fast second I realized that it was the truth. She recognized the beast inside the man. The addiction that was tearing at him.

As a community, How have we arrived at the point that we would help someone become sick? That we would enable one another in the name of kindness. I have to ask myself if a crime has been committed in our community. Have we become the hunted when it comes to nicotine? What exactly do the companies that provide cigarettes gain off of us? What could make a company continue to create a product that has been proven to kill?

After a small amount of research the answer was clear, Money. They were willing to take in lives for the cash. It was like trading souls and they seem more than happy to do it. According to a simple google search the tobacco industry makes around fifty billion dollars yearly. That price comes with six million deaths per year.

It seems as if the companies are trying to rebrand and recreated there image. These companies are dark horses of death, manipulation, and greed. It is important that we remember and realize what they are. The number of cigarettes smoked is in the trillions. Nothing will change until we speak up and say something loudly.

The American people are a sleeping giant when it comes change. We have the power and the ability to make sure the world is a place we would want to live in for eternity. Through our children our DNA is continued and passed down through time. We do not just get to pass this world off to a separate set of hands. The hands will always be connected.

Our children deserve a fresh beautiful land to grow into. If we do not stop the people who come against them, no one will. Things like vaping and electronic cigarettes will become normal and naturally accepted. It is not okay for big corporations to feed off of the population. This is our country, lets take it back. Say no and lets push for a real change.

We will not be chemically enslaved anymore.

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