How COVID gave us a chance for empathy.

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Ruband is the name of the mask that you see covering women’s faces who are in the Muslim culture. There are women who do this by choice. There is also a large number of women who do it because they simply, have no choice.

The suppression started in thirteenth century BC. There were also other laws concerning head scarves that made it easy to distinguish between the poor and upper class women. The system started as a violation of basic human rights. These laws also, very importantly, applied to children as well.

This means that the concept was introduced and excepted before the individual person had the ability to make a choice. When a person is taught something from a young age it is hard for them to imagine things being any other way. Somehow with religion in one hand and tradition in the other, Governments have kept this rule in place. By doing this they have used a physical material to silence women. To remind them to be quite.

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During our recent yet historical pandemic, I believe we had a small taste of this suppression. There were some people who in the name of health and community decided to uphold the mandate. However, there were others, who felt there rights and ability to make a choice had been taken away from them. They were livid. They openly spoke towards the fact that the issue was that the government was not giving us a choice.

It is scary when we feel as if we have no control. I wonder how many people associated wearing a mask to people in the Middle East. If anyone at all had thought that this was everyday life for some people. Specifically the women and children of the Muslim community.

I can’t help but wonder if this somehow lit a fire inside some of our souls. If the situation could have given an immediate ability to empathize with these people. We are happy to set our masks down and be able to show our smile. To be able to breath and speak clearly.

To have our voices heard. It isn’t a gift, it is a right. One we all deserve to have. There should be a choice. As Americans we have the opportunity to be soldiers of justice and peace. We have the freedom to expose the truth, which is that there is a life where there is choice. Where religion doesn’t condemn you. Our God loves us and is eager to have us be ourselves and express ourselves in every way we feel appropriate.

This shouldn’t be a secret. Together we can bring attention to the basic human rights that are being denied to people all over the world. We have the ability to make a difference, even if it is only by being open minded and taking that minute to be empathetic. We are all one. One human.

Simply put, there doesn’t have to be a country for us to be United.

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