How COVID gave us a chance for empathy.

Ruband is the name of the mask that you see covering women’s faces who are in the Muslim culture. There are women who do this by choice. There is also a large number of women who do it because they simply, have no choice. The suppression started in thirteenth century BC. There were also otherContinue reading “How COVID gave us a chance for empathy.”

Cigarettes and our community.

At my latest job I watched in horror as the tobacco companies ravished my community. The situation seemed to effect more people than I had originally assumed. The first thing I noticed was that cigarettes do not discriminate. I also saw just how far people were willing to go to obtain the nicotine high thatContinue reading “Cigarettes and our community.”


WITH YOUR FAVORITE BLOGGER ——- STORMY FAITH. There are going to be some pictures from a couple exuberant places here in Little Rock Arkansas! The places that really shine! Of course I will use the art of language to guide you through the experience of this city! I will not sugar coat the experience… asContinue reading “Come see LITTLE ROCK, AR.”